Anchor Pradeep’s Licence Cancelled 3 Years

Anchor Pradeep’s Licence Cancelled 3 Years

Anchor Pradeep appeared in Nampally Court on a weekday in reference to the drunk drive case. He was amid his Father.

Judge asked Pradeep, however, might he violate the traffic law despite crusade against drunk driving within the past. Then, The Anchor confessed committing an enormous blunder.

Much to his shock, Pradeep’s permit has been off for an amount of three years. Even a fine of Rs two,100 was obligatory on him.

It is notable that Pradeep was caught drunk driving within the early hours of Gregorian calendar month first, 2018. Blood Alcohol Content stood at 178 points once tested with the device. On Gregorian calendar month eighth, Pradeep attended counsel at Ghoshamahal Traffic police office wherever he was created to look at few documentaries. whereas chatting with media once the session, He appealed individuals to not commit the error he did.

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