Cambridge Common Women’s March 2018 Key Elements

What is Cambridge Common Women’s March 2018

CAMBRIDGE, MA – It’s been a year where Boston women’s march happened with 175,000 people carried pink hat in support of many Geo-Democratic values.

On Saturday, Jan 20th at Cambridge Common, again all activists are gathering to show “Women Rise Up” play cards. The 2018 Women’s March going to hold around 1-3pm.

The Cambridge March will plan small events around Massachusetts. However their speak on a variety of topic regarding politics, women right’s, social issues, childcare, healthcare, transgender, national voter registration and other non-democracy values like discrimination. The March collect opinion over gender identity removal about a ballot measure in the upcoming Massachusetts election.


Main Purpose of Women’s March?

The Women’s Cambridge Common March 2018 main purpose is to bring awareness over the variety of social and political issues in society. This event focuses on past year results and looks forward to future work plan.

One of the main organizer Zayda Ortiz said that the Saturday event aim’s on rights of immigrants, transgender and religious minorities in the country. This is more of political and social causes created by governments who ruled and ruling.

AD of Massachusetts Peace Action group, “Michelle Cunha” said “Actions taken by President Donald Trump and his party completely against of Women’s march. They are against over tax cutting and Obamacare.

Cambridge Common Women’s March 2018 Key Elements location map
Photo of 2017 Women’s March on the Boston Common (Sarah Bettencourt/Patch)


Where March taking Place

The Cambridge Women’s March is planned on Saturday, January. 20, 2018 from 1pm to 3 p.m. The venue is Cambridge Common at the Massachusetts Avenue and Garden Street, half a mile from Harvard Square.

Cambridge Common Women’s March 2018 Key Elements location map


Who Speaks at Cambridge Common Women’s March 2018

There are dozen social organizers are taking active part and list is given on online page

Confirmed elected officials speaking:
Marc McGovern Cambridge City Council, Mayor
Maura Healey, Attorney General of Massachusetts
Marjorie Decker, State Representative
Mike Connolly, State Representative
Denise Simmons, Cambridge City Council
City Councillor Sumbul Siddiqui, Cambridge City Council

Confirmed community speakers:

Rhoda Gibson, MassADAPT
Valentine M. Moghadam, Northeastern
Laura Rótolo, ACLU Massachusetts
Nichole Mossalam, CAIR Massachusetts
Andrea James, Families for Justice As Healing
Tina Chéry, Louis D. Brown Peace Institute
Michelle Cunha, Massachusetts Peace Action
Savina Martin, Poor People’s Campaign
Tito Rodriguez, Chelsea Collaborative, Communidades Enraizadas
Eva Martin Blythe, YWCA Cambridge
Tray Johns, #Fedfam4life
Aleksandra Burger-Roy, NEIC
Liz DeSelm, Freedom for All Massachusetts