Indian Actress Paid 1Cr Per Minute

Zee cinema awards ready to pay Indian Actress 1Cr Per Minute

Being very busy with Hollywood Projects in West, actor Priyanka Chopra has no time to visit India. Not only for acting in Bollywood films but also she does not have time to attend even film events. Awards event management planned to make a dance performance with Priyanka Chopra. They offered her 5 cores for a 5-minute dance show.

Sources say that Priyanka will get 5 Cr for 5 minutes dance performance. That means 1 Cr per minute. This is the highest payment ever paid by Zee Cinema Awards event organizers.  The song would be a remix of her own hit songs. The atmosphere of the stage mirrors west and dance would be a mix of west & Bollywood. The event organizers planning to highlight her dance cause it been two years that she gave stage show.

PC’s mesmerizing body movements makes every one eye fest at the event. Priyanka again proved that she is most wanted Indian Actress by charging 1Cr per minute even after she left Bollywood industry for two years.